Saturday, 20 October 2012

LSD attending the Bite Back Ball tonight!

It's the Bite Back at Cancer charity Ball tonight.
Hopefully the upward trend will continue, and last years fantastic fund raising achievements will be eclipsed.

For those of you wondering how a charity raising money for protection of Shar
ks and marine conservation teamed up with Marie Curie Cancer Care, here is a little history:

The first Bite Back at Cancer ball was held in 2007, in recognition of two popular divers, Vickie Herrald and Sally Pearson, who were both suffering from cancer. It was their wish that the funds raised from the event were split evenly between their two chosen causes, Bite Back and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Vickie passed away on May 20th 2007, before the first event was held. Sally, in remission at the time, attended the first event, but then subsequently lost her own battle to cancer on 22nd February 2009.

The evening has now become a regular event in the calendar, as a legacy to their wishes and in memory of their positive and loving outlook on life, despite the harsh cards they had both been dealt.

The fundraising success of the event has grown year on year, thanks to the generosity of the attendees, and also the commercial sector in the form of donated gifts for inclusion in the charity auction and prize draws.

Year Venue Money Raised
2007 Teddington £1,500
2008 Richmond Hill Hotel £3,000
2009 Richmond Hill Hotel £6,000
2010 R.S. Hispaniola £11,500
2011 R.S. Hispaniola £18,000

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